Lifetime Values

Lifetime Values


Attitude – Lifetime Values

Help your child build character, develop emotional intelligence and become a good human being

What good is a man who possesses the world’s knowledge, but is not a gentleman? The Complete Educational Program recognises this and has therefore devoted considerable resources in creating this module to develop your child into an all-rounder: a learned lady or a gentleman. There are more than 50 values contained in this library. With this foundation, your child would pick up essential values such as honesty, forgiveness, gratitude, caring and sharing. You will beam with pride, marvelling at a young gentleman or lady standing tall before you.

Stories are designed to capture the imagination of your child. The are beautifully illustrated in vivid colours with large text. Stories are also carefully written to provide your child with guidance on moral values. These are drawn from storytellers and illustrators from around the world, giving you and your child diverse cultural perspectives. At the back of each book contains a summary of values to further reinforce the values being introduced.

It consists of:

•  10 beautiful, talking, storybooks that entertain, educate and teach important values
•  Eltee Pen**, the audio learning device, plays all the stories with amazing dramatization and music to get children totally engaged
•  2 hardcover, comprehensive, parenting books by Colin Rose, the author of Accelerated Learning, provide all the essentials of parenting a child, from birth to six
•  70 flashcards, graded by age group, starting with cards for baby’s eye-tracking exercises and going all the way to simple words and phrases

Key Benefits of Lifetime Values:

•  Teaches children good behaviour, builds character and helps them become good human beings
•  Enhances emotional intelligence, helping children understand how their actions affect others
•  Develops a love for real books and stories at an early age
•  Improves imagination through fantastic stories and wonderful narration
•  Sharpens listening skills; helps with correct pronunciation
•  Introduces useful vocabulary; provides an opportunity for language learning
•  Encourages quality time with children; strengthens parent-child bonding
•  Helps parents make their child happier, healthier, smarter and a better human being

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