Language Development

language development

Language Development Program

As your child advances on to primary school, the need for proficiency in both English and Chinese is becoming of utmost importance. Taking the next step into familiarizing your child with bilingualism, we introduce to you, our  Chinese Language Development Program.

With a focus on further developing your child’s bilingual ability and vocabulary bank, Han Yu Pin Yin is introduced in this part of the program, along with more advance Chinese characters to promote a higher level learning. Infused with multiple educational games, puzzles, activities and stories, your child will ultimately be able to learn the correct ways of applying the Chinese characters academically, all without breaking a sweat.

Furthermore, with the range of mediums adopted to deliver this Chinese Language for kids program, children will be able to learn and develop a range of skill sets critical to their academic and life’s success. Engaging, fun, and full of surprises, who says learning have to be dull and boring?

Language Development Program

Components Features Titles
  • 58 Brightly Coloured, Beautifully illustrated Books
  • 9 Story Booklets
  • 2 Poster Books
  • 52 Cool Cards
  • 4 Animation DVDs
  • 4 VCDs
  • 10 Audio CDs
  • 2 CD-ROMs
  • 1 Bilingual Reading Pen
  • User Guide
630 New Chinese Characters in 30 progressively more difficult Audio Enabled Storybooks (Chinese Reading House Series).Over 500 New Chinese Characters illustrated with Radicals(Bushou), Han Yu Pin Yin, English words, Sentences and linking words (Chinese Characters for Kids).Learn words through 6 different types of games and activities in each book (Magic Teddy Vol. 1 and 2)Poster Books
Total of 7 themes.A “find me” icon poses short questions at the end of every topic.

52 Cool Cards
5 Card Games.

7 Puzzles with different levels of difficulty

  • 52 Chinese Songs
  • 52 English Songs
  • 52 Chinese Poems
  • 52 Moral Stories

Audio CDs    
Stories and songs from various titles.

Animation DVDs
16 cartoons from Magic Teddy Vol. 1 and 2.

4 full length animated movies from Bilingual Fairy Tales.

Digital versions of CRH and Big Workbook.

User Guide
Step-by step guide on how to use the books and pen effectively.

  • Chinese Reading House
  • Chinese Characters for Kids
  • Magic Teddy Vol. 1
  • Magic Teddy Vol. 2
  • Bilingual Fairy Tales
  • Big Workbook
  • 52 Cool Cards



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