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“. . .if we were monolingual in our mother tongues, we would not make a living. Becoming monolingual in English would have been a setback. We would have lost our cultural identity, that quiet confidence about ourselves and our place in the world.” (Lee Kuan Yew, 2000).

In view of Singapore’s unique and complex socio-linguistic context, bilingualism or perhaps even being trilingual has long become an ability sought after by the locals. With research showing that the best ways to develop bilingualism being through early exposure, many parents are starting to realize that such learning should not be simply confined to a pre-school setting.

With children spending most of their pre-school time at home, engaging learning aids are essential in supporting your child’s holistic language development needs. Designed to be concise, attention-grabbing and interactive, children are expected to not only develop language competency in both English and Chinese after going through our Holistic Bilingual Program, but also a strong desire for learning.

Challenging the notion that learning is a chore, we bring to our young apprentice a fun-filled learning experience that is bound to benefit them in the future to come.

Holistic Bilingual Program:

A complete Holistic approach towards your child learning in bilingual starts at home with this program!

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