Complete Educational (A+)

The Complete Educational (A+) Program has been developed with your child’s holistic development as its main focus. The program has three main modules, each designed to stimulate the child’s interest in these fields – Awareness, Ability and Attitude.


What sets the educational program apart from the rest is the way the modules are designed. Topics are short and self-contained. This is to fully cater to the child’s attention span, which are generally shorter for younger children. Modules are also written in a fun and interactive way, thus making it easier to capture the child’s attention.There is also a variety of learning aids, thereby eliminating boredom whilst stimulating the child’s mind.

Complete Educational (A+)Program fulfills the need for early learning products that:

1. Combine the latest in publishing and digital learning
2. Cover all three essentials for success: Awareness, Ability and Attitude
3. Are modern, multi-media and fun
4. Provide quality at a reasonable price

You may review the products through the following links or request a free presentation.

 Time to Learn    : develop essential knowledge through books that talk
•  Time for Maths  : establish a strong foundation in maths through a multimedia program
 Lifetime Values : build character and become a better human being

When your child completes the Complete Educational (A+)Program, he/she would have developed a strong desire for learning, acquired the foundation to excel in school and inculcated the right values to be a fine gentleman or lady.

When the learning process is fun, the child will be more eager to learn. That is why the Complete Educational (A+) Program is has been favored by parents worldwide.


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