Baby Wonderland


Baby Wonderland

You look into your baby’s eyes, and you see a future with limitless possibilities. In the next second, you start to wonder, “How can I prepare him for the challenges ahead?”

Baby Wonderland is designed to develop your baby learning rapidly growing brain cells, by actively stimulating five key areas of his or her development through both English and Chinese to at the same time, encourage bilingualism. These areas include; Cognitive, Social and Emotional, Speech and Language, Fine Motor Skill, and Gross Motor Skill development. With these focus in mind, a series of engaging and interactive materials are utilized as part of the program.

The hands-on learning aspect is one of the main characteristics of the program; where children’s curiosity is pique by the myriad colours, sounds, information and music surrounding the learning, spurring them to engage in a journey of independent exploration and discovery. Adopting a variety of mediums to engage your baby’s senses, information is dished out in an appropriate dosage and nature.

The end result of this baby  learning program will be that the barrier to learning is broken down, and to be replaced by a thirst for exploration and knowledge, preparing them for the challenges ahead.

Baby Wonderland

Components Features Titles
  • 12 beautifully illustrated Board Books
  • 3 different Towers made up of 36 Nesting Blocks
  • 1Utility Kit-Baby Instruments
  • 4 DVDs
  • 1 CD ROM
  • Baby Reader Pen with 256MB SD Card
  • User Guide
Board Books
Over 500 Chinese and English Songs, Rhymes and Poems.Sound and Audio files on every page for almost every object in the books.Covers topics such as Colours, Utensils, Food, Toys, as well as important values and more.Nesting Blocks

Audio enabled, with songs and rhymes on different areas of the blocks.Colorful illustrations

Utility Kits
Utility kit transforms into Piano.

Audio Enabled to feature musical instruments and their sounds(Baby Instruments).

Digital version of board books

Over 90 Bilingual Songs and Rhymes

Baby Reader Pen
Easy Grip for toddlers

CMOS Camera with 256MB SD card ,2 AA batteries ,Playback Function

  • Baby Reader Pack
  • Baby Theater
  • Baby Towers
  • Baby Instruments

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