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We Are Learning Tech Program

Learning Tech Program , like our name suggests, is all about LEARNING!

Yes, we are passionate about enabling parents to be facilitators of the child’s learning process. Starting the child’s learning process from young requires a unique skill set, and we have just what you need!

We provide you with the tools to make learning fun. When learning is seen to be enjoyable and less of a chore, the desire to learn would be greatly enhanced. We know just how to stimulate a young mind, to make things more interesting, and package them into easily digestible bite sizes.

This, in a nutshell, encompasses what we at Learning Tech Program is passionate about.

  1. -We are a cheerful bunch, as depicted by the sun and the choice of bright colours.
  2. -Learning Tech makes learning fun, we are desire to unlock the innate potential within and to discover the world.
  3. -We help school and learning centre to be more efficient by using our School management system. We customise the software for your educational needs.
  4. -We provide software development services not only for educational and also other industries. A complete ERP system for your school centre.

We strive to nurture our future generations with our premiere home education program, grooming our children to achieve their fullest potential.

We seek to ameliorate the quality of life through successful early childhood education and wealth creation for both our Customers & Executives.

Learning Tech Program creates a vibrant learning community where every individual is challenged to overcome their perceived limitations.

Learning Tech Program distributes Home-Education program that has been widely used to nurture young minds around the world. We are the distributor of the highly successful

Complete Educational ( A+) Program (CEP)
Holistic Bilingual Program (HBP)
Magic Phonics Program (MPP)

These kids educational programs are designed to develop the child’s potential from their early formative years starting to use at home.

We invite you to enjoy this journey with us. Together, let’s inject joy into the learning system to facilitate the success of your child. Let’s make learning fun! If your child learn today , he will lead tomorrow! Feel Free to contact us for a free preview on our home education program.

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