A Time for Math

 A Time for Math


Ability – A Time for Math

Establish a strong foundation in maths ability through this multimedia program!

Mathematical concepts can be most daunting, and even the simplest equation 1 + 1 could well be one of the most difficult skills to impart to a budding mathematician. A Time for Math takes the fear out of math and injects a measure of fun into the learning equation. Your child will love to interact with Wiz and work on mathematical problems together. Learning maths will no longer be something to be fearful of.

It consists of:

•  6 full-color, talking, storybooks that make math concepts easy to understand for children
•  Eltee Pen**, the audio learning device, plays 24 maths songs, vocabulary and other sounds to make learning fun and more effective
•  6 CD-ROMs with 60 maths games, graded by level of difficulty, challenge children and reinforce the understanding of maths through play and practice
•  6 softcover, colorful activity books help learning by doing, and by repetition
•  Two board games, complete with dice and accessories, encourage family bonding while learning and practicing maths
•  52 flashcards present additional opportunity for practicing mental maths
•  The 24 maths songs are also presented in an audio CD and a song book complete with lyrics to help children learn, sing and play the maths songs
•  A User Guide to explain all the components and how to make the best use of the program
•  An interactive program covering Numbers & Counting, Addition, Subraction , Multiplication, Diviision and Measuerement.

Key benefits of A Time for Maths:

•  Establishes a strong foundation in math, one of the most useful skill for success in most professions
•  Covers all the seven essentials of math: numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and measurement
•  Provides a variety of learning opportunities through books, songs, activities and games
•  Develops an appreciation for music while making math learning fun
•  Sharpens listening skills; helps with correct pronunciation
•  Introduces useful vocabulary; provides an opportunity for language learning
•  Encourages quality time with children; strengthens parent-child bonding

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