Early Bilingual Program


Early Bilingual Program

Smoothing the way for their precious child’s transition into school life has always been the dream of many loving parents. Ensuring that they can understand and catch up to what the teachers are teaching, ensuring that they are able to speak confidently and fluently to their multi-racial classmates, ensuring that are adequately equipped with a wealth of vocabulary, and the list goes on…

Early Bilingual Program is the perfect bilingual companion for your child’s preliminary communication and reading needs. And as the saying goes, ‘Education can never start too early’. Designed to help your child develop an interest in reading since young, this set of bilingual books is not only jam-packed with a reservoir of English and Chinese vocabulary, but also teaches proper pronunciation and forming sentences with the words taught.

Coloured by interesting pictures, music, songs, educational games and rhymes revolving around topics that are relevant to their daily lives, there will never be a dull moment in your child’s learning experience. With that, an effective learning will occur as a result of easy understanding, giving birth to a child who has imbibed good values and who can express him or herself more confidently and creatively.


Early Bilingual Program

part of the Holistic Bilingual Program
Components Features Titles
  • 28 beautifully illustrated Books
  • 2 Big Poster Books
  • 300 Flash Cards
  • 9 Audio-Enabled Reward Stickers
  • 10 Animation DVDs
  • 3 Audio CDs
  • 1 CD-ROM
  • 1 Bilingual Reading Pen
  • User Guide

28 Audio enabled and interactive stories.48 different conversation topics and 64 English rhymes.Phonics.Over 70 themes covering from greetings to everyday essentials.

Poster Books
500 English vocabulary and Chinese characters.

Words and characters are shown with Han Yu Pin Yin and picture illustrations.

Mini games available on every page.

Flash Cards
300 English vocabulary and Chinese characters.

Sentences formed with the new word learned.

Based on 25 different themes ranging from My family, Places of interest to Antonyms.

Animation DVDs
88 short cartoons from Mini Teddy and Hello Teddy.

Audio CDs
Songs and stories from the various titles.

Digital versions of  My Learning Library.

User Guide
Step-by step guide on how to use the books and pen effectively.

  • Teddy Short Stories
  • Mini Teddy
  • Hello Teddy
  • Magic Math
  • 500 字 – Learning Library
  • Flash Cards Vol. 1
  • Flash Cards Vol. 2
  • Flash Cards Vol. 3



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