Magic Phonics

Magic Phonics Program

Magic Phonics

Magic Phonics program is a wonderfully illustrated interactive pictorial phonics and grammar program specially designed for children in a interesting way. Children learn to associate printed letters with the speech sound each word represents. Mastering phonics will enable children to read quickly in confidence. Once a child knows how to read , he/she can become an independent reader. This phonics program comes with a reading pen to hear the sound of the phonics pronunciation.

Babies can learn to read whole words without knowing the letters of the alphabet.
However, children need to learn phonics in order to progress to phonetic reading(sounding out words). Some people think it’s harmful for children to learn to read whole words. We believe that it is beneficial to learn to read as young as possible,and that so long as children learn phonics before they start school, they will be fluent readers.


Magic Phonics

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